Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25th

AM: Hiked 2hrs up and down Mt. Haystack in Wilmington, VT with Jen and Griffin. This is a nice easy hike that I did a few times in 2004. The weather was amazing. It was 55 degrees to start the hike and Jen and I were both wearing long sleeve shirts. It warmed up to 64 degrees with no humidity. There were great views at the summit, but it's not totally exposed and you really only get views to the east with limited views to the south and north. You can't see to the west at all. The trail is never steep and it would make for a great run. PM: 8mi*/53min at the Hinsdale Fun Run. It was nice weather and I just wanted to get a little up tempo stuff without killing it because I have Escarpment on Sunday. I ran the mile with Tanner in 5:25 and then did the 2.3 in 14:02. Legs are feeling a wee bit tired. Easy day tomorrow.

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