Friday, July 19, 2013

Sunday, July 14th

21mi*/2:30 from Saxton's River to Putney Mtn w/Ferenc, Matt Haley, and Fyffe(1 hr). We ran the ridge line from Ferenc's house to Putney Mtn. It's a heck of a run with a lot of climbing in the beginning. It was hot and my legs were tired from yesterday's trail race. The conversation and company was great. It was a mental boost when Fyffe joined us at the top of Pinnacle Mountain. My legs were really dead on the climbs and I talked everyone into doing the slightly shorter version. Ferenc was the only one that seemed genuinely disappointed. We finished with gatorade at Fyffe's car and then a plunge into the healing magical waters of the Putney culvert. I slammed a fantastic bacon cheeseburger at the old Fat Frank's for recovery. In the words of MacKnight: Boom! Total for the week: 89 miles on 6 days of running. A decent short tempo run, a tiring hilly long run, and a solid trail race.

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