Monday, December 2, 2013

Thusday, November 28th - Pie and Glove 5K

8mi*/51min. Pie and Glove 5K - 16:05 (5:11) 2nd place. It was cold and windy, 19 degrees at the start. There was also a snow covered road for the first 300m and last 300m which made for slow going. I was in the lead group of 3 for the first mile. There were no mile markers this year so I don't know my splits. James Osbourne made a big move around the mile mark and took off. I tried to go with him, but he was way too fast. I was able to drop the college kid running with me. James continued to pull away easily and he won in 15:35. Last year he ran 14:52 and I was 15:13. I'm definitely slower this year, but the course ran slow this year. The head wind on the way back was tough. I got a pie for winning my age group and Jen won her age group too. I picked up an apple pie and she grabbed a pumpkin pie. The turkey dinner at Jen's parent's house was delicious after the race. Jen's sister, Katie ran and so did her brother John and his wife and two kids. It's fun when it's a family affair. This is my 4th year getting 2nd place. It'd be nice to win, but I'll have to be super fit, James is fast!

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