Thursday, December 19, 2013

Wednesday, December 18th

10mi*/69min. Track workout at the Monadnock track with George, Boj and James. George snowblowed the first two lanes of the track so we gave it a go there instead of at Baker St. There was still a thin layer of slippery snow on the track but it was fun being on the track nonetheless. 200-200-400 x 4 with 200rest after the 2's and 400rest after the 4's. Result: (35, 34, 72, 33, 33, 70, 33, 32, 69, 32, 31, 66) The effort was a lot faster than the times indicated due to the slipping. I'm pretty happy with how this went. I stayed smooth and kept a little in the tank for the meet coming up on Saturday.

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